Featuring the Signature S-Vane™, Silhouette window shading has been the most innovative product for the past decade or so. Its beauty, elegance and light transformation far surpasses any other product in the window covering industry. 
In a simple statement, functionality and practicality of wood blinds, but the softness, sheer elegance, and beauty of a custom shade. It is a great compromise for individuals who don’t necessarily care for the roman shades and drapery, but still desire a touch of softness and elegance, yet crisp and tidy look. 


Silhouette shades are available in many control options from Continuous cord, to No-cord, and Electric options with remote and Mobile App. Experience.
Silhouettes just introduced a whole new fabric selections with many textures, and vibrant colors to choose from. Their amazingly unique look and softness will surely transform your living space to a whole new level. 


Visit our inspiring showroom or contact us today at 949-788-9288 to make an appointment with our professional Interior Decorators for an up-close and personal experience with our amazing and latest offerings in the world of window coverings, and more.

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