Curtains and fully functional draperies are perhaps the most popular soft treatment of all times. They are one of the best treatments for energy efficiency, light control, and add warmth and beauty to your environment. When fully drawn, they make you feel safe, secure, cozy and comfortable. A lot of times, the best choice is double treatment, having a sheer drape for semi-privacy for full light control, privacy, and security.


Have any unique design in mind? We are here to help bring your ideas to life. Design a room you love. Need inspiration? We can also present customized options that fit your style, room, and budget. We are experts when it comes to specialty windows - arches, angles, and skylights.


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  • Ripple fold drapery
  • French pleat drapery
  • Goblet pleat drapery
  • Euro pleat drapery
  • Grommet drapery
    and more


Choose from more than 5,000 fabric options.


Light Control

  • Light filtering Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains



Wood poles, Metal rods, Traverse rods, Decorative rings, and grommets. Variety of trims and tassels from timeless to modern styles.


Quiet Motorized rods with remote, or hand drawn with batons, or simple stationary.

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